Our lead products


Bigbags for flexible industrial and agricultural packaging

World leader in Big bags. We offer our competitive solutions for packaging and all products.


Easyliquid for flexible industrial and liquid packaging

Our inovative liquid unit leads the revolution in transporting fluids.

Container Liners

Container liners for flexible industrial and agricultural packaging

Innovative solutions to safely save money.

Small bags

Small bags for flexible industrial and agricultural packaging

Full range of products for the agriculture and industry.


Slings for flexible industrial and agricultural packaging

We offer slings bags cover and basket slings.

Box Bags

Box bags for flexible industrial and agricultural packaging

Clean box bags for safe industrial use.


Fabric for flexible industrial and agricultural packaging

Technical fabrics for the agriculture and industry.


Codefine® Packaging

About Packaging
Uniquely Codefine

Codefine specializes in the packaging of industrial, agricultural, mineral and mining, and food grade and pharmaceutical products. We not only develop our own packaging solutions, often according to customer needs, but also manufacture, sell and distribute quickly to anywhere in the world. Codefine’s network of agents and representatives is present in all major markets.


Our patented CSD™ technology solves the challenges of transporting powders and other fine-grain materials with no sifting and no contamination.. Codefine is the only manufacturer of CSD™, a popular packaging solution for the food and chemical industry, which advantageously replaces other sift-proof methods and liners.


EasyLift is yet another Codefine innovation. By using a system of fabric sleeves and tubing, our EasyLift(R) bags can be lifted, stacked without need of palettes.


Our BulkSaver™ container liners, for the transport of all cargo including hydroscopic powders, work without metal bars thus ensuring more efficient handling. BulkSaver™ is not only a much safer packaging solution, but also more economical than other products on the market.

EasyLiquid is another of Codefine’s R&D innovations that put us at the top of the packaging industry. It’s light, flexible yet sturdy, economical and environmentally friendly, and can be lifted from above. All this makes heavy cartons, collapsable metal frames or rigid units, obsolete – find out more.

  • Codefine has a very large production capacity, thanks to our network of factories and our efficient manufacturing practices
  • We have offices and warehouses in all major world regions, so we can supply many of our products locally
  • Our logistics software analyzes your needs in real-time, minimizing the risk of costly production and supply delays or disruptions. We connect our customers with real-time inventory data
  • Where custom solutions are needed, our efficient technical team can provide answers within days. Our creative R&D and IT teams support our customers with inventive solutions, which makes Codefine the most innovative company in the market place.